My story.

Those of you who have been following me for a bit longer time, know that I became a photographer by accident - it just kind of fell into my lap. I thought it'd be appropriate to kick of this new blog of mine, with a short backstory about me and how I became a photographer.


This is my story:

In January 2012 I bought my first camera and decided that I would start a simple 365 project where I would just document my normal daily life with random snapshots. I didn't want to use a lot of time for the project, and had no intention on putting a lot of effort into it. But then, on 28th of March, 2012 my whole world turned upside down.

On that particular day I was sitting in a bus, traveling back home after school, and was checking out my Facebook feed on my iPhone. On the top of my newsfeed there was a link to an interview that a young photographer called Alex Stoddard had done with a blog of some sort. And under it there was one of his photos. I got intrigued by the photo and clicked on the link and read the interview. In the end of the interview they had a link to Stoddard's Flickr-account and I of course clicked on it. During that short 20 minute bus-ride, I viewed every single photo that he had uploaded on to Flickr. 

"A destructive force" by Alex Stoddard.

"A destructive force" by Alex Stoddard.

Before this day I had never seen a fine art photograph in my entire life. I had never thought of photography as an form of art. But on that day, this young photographer's work opened my eyes, and sparked something inside of me. Once I got home on that day, I took my camera and walked into the forest and created my first ever "fine art" photograph. 


At this time I really didn't yet know how to use my camera, so my photos turned out quite crappy. But I bought a copy of Photoshop, and started figuring out how to fix my crappy photos. Quite quickly I learned how to make my photos look good, and became quite good at Photoshop. And then in June 2012, I took part in a photography camp and there I finally learned how to use the manual settings in my camera - and with this new knowledge, combined with my Photoshop-skills, my photography took a huge leap forward. Suddenly my photos looked great straight-out-of-camera, and I could then apply my photoshop-techniques to create new worlds and express my creativity through my photography.


Now, if we fast forward the "tape" to this day, I have now dropped out of university and given up my "dream" (which really wasn't a dream, but something I thought I'd pursue for the money) of becoming an investment banker and instead started my own creative agency, and during the past year and a half, I have worked with some of Finland's largest clients - Warner Music, BMW, ASUS, National Ballet of Finland etc.

I was also awarded with "Photographer of the Year 2012" in December 2012 by the international World Photo Day organisation. I also became the only european editor on SLR Lounge, started a Young Photographers-association with a few friends here in Finland, have been teaching workshops in Finland and England, and most importantly have fallen in love with creative conceptual photography.



I've been fortunate enough to have been VERY interested in marketing and business before getting interested in photography - and thus have been able to combine these two big interests of mine, and have embarked on an exciting journey in the advertising/commercial photography world. The idea behind this blog is to give you all a behind-the-scenes look at my journey in this world.

I want to show you what happens in my photo- and videoshoots, and what are the thought processes that I go through when coming up with ideas for commercial projects. I will be showing you sketches, moodboards, lighting diagrams, before/after photos and much more.

I want this blog to be a source of inspiration and motivation for you all, and thus am open for your suggestions, and will answer all your questions happily! Make sure to leave your comments, thoughts and request down below in the comments-section. :)

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