Making of: Jippu / Warner Music (Christmas-album cover)

Warner Music Finland approached me a bit over six months ago about shooting the album cover and other promotional photographs for their artist called Jippu. What made this project stand out from the other shoots I've previously done, was the fact that the album was going to be a Christmas-album - but the photos would have to be photographed in the beginning of summer, in early May.

Having to shoot the photos in summer meant that we had to figure out a way to bring the christmas feel into a studio. We decided to approach this "problem" by using three different kinds of fake snow, and a wind and fog machine. 

Here's a behind the scenes -video that gives a good look at how our shoot went:

And here's a quick lighting diagram, showing how one of these images was lit:

Final photographs

Photo credits:

Photo: Lauri Laukkanen Photography
Style: Mert Otsamo
MUA: Miika Kemppainen
Hair: Petri Piatu Puhakka
Production Assistant: Atte Tanner

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