Making of: Jontte Valosaari feat. Brädi (Universal Music) - "Selvää Jälkee"

Universal Music & Rähinä Records approached me in June 2014 and commisioned me to direct and produce a music video for Jontte Valosaari's (feat. Brädi) new single "Selvää Jälkee".Below you will find a short making of -video that shows what happened behind the scenes on the day of the shoot. If you've ever wondered what I do on these shoots, this video will answer those questions pretty well. 

The official music video:

Jontte Valosaari - Selvää Jälkee feat. Brädi

Director: Lauri Laukkanen
Screenwriting: Lauri Laukkanen
Editor: Raimo Saba
Colorgrade: Lauri Laukkanen
Production assistant & making of-footage: Matias Koskinen

Production stills

Making of: Suvi Teräsniska - "Vaiettu Rakkaus"

In this blogpost we take a quick look at the "reality" behind a music video shoot. 

I got the honour of producing Suvi Teräsniska's new music video for her second single "Vaiettu Rakkaus". The video was released today. We had a truly great team working on this project. Samu Amunét from Brother Studios directed the piece, and Janne Amunét acted as the DP. The guys from Cinepic were in charge of the aerial shots. And I had casted my good friend Samuel Taipale as the lead male actor for the video. We also had Hani as the stylist, and Laura Andersson as the HMUA.

Lauri Laukkanen - ST Vaiettu BTS-4.jpg

Before we get to the differences between the "reality" and the "end result", make sure to check out the music video, so that you know what I'm talking about. 


It's funny to see a shoot in progress, and notice how the end result - the music video - can look all nice and peaceful, even though the day of the shoot has been super hectic and FAAAAAAAR from peaceful. 

Below you will find a quick video that shows a small preview of how the "reality" and the "end result" are usually quite different:

As you could see from the video, the snow that we used was fake, and we had two guys throwing it around, to make it seem like it'd be snowing. This is just one small example of how the reality often times differs from what the final product looks like. That's one of the reasons I like these shoot days so much. Below I've gathered some BTS-photos from the shoot - enjoy! :)

Lauri Laukkanen - Suvi Teräsniska Musavideokuvaukset-2.jpg
Lauri Laukkanen - ST Vaiettu BTS-8.jpg
Lauri Laukkanen - ST Vaiettu BTS-11.jpg
Lauri Laukkanen - ST Vaiettu BTS-3.jpg
Lauri Laukkanen - ST Vaiettu BTS-12.jpg
Lauri Laukkanen - ST Vaiettu BTS-7.jpg
Lauri Laukkanen - ST Vaiettu BTS-10.jpg
Lauri Laukkanen - ST Vaiettu BTS-13.jpg
Lauri Laukkanen - ST Vaiettu BTS-2.jpg

Making of: Jenni Vartiainen & Nelonen Media - "Mustat Lesket"

In this blogpost we are going to take a quick look behind-the-scenes of a videoshoot that I got the honour of directing for Nelonen Media & Warner Music. It was a great day filled with creativity and good jokes. :)

Before we go into the BTS-footage,  here is the final product that we shot on the day:

The Assignment & Team

In the end of November 2013 Warner Music and Nelonen Media (the largest national TV-channel in Finland) approached me about a combined tv-advert/music video that they wanted me to produce and direct. When I heard the initial idea of combining a music video and a tv-advert in the same video I got very excited about the project, and we started working on it straight away. The tv-channel had already shot and edited the tv-series and the trailer that would be later combined with the music video/studio-footage that I was responsible of producing. 

The artist in the video would be Jenni Vartiainen, which made this project even more exciting, as she is probably the biggest star in the finnish music-scene at the moment. It was a great honour to work with her on this project. 

Once we had settled down on an idea for the video, I called my good friend, Janne Amunét (DOP) from Brother Studios, and together we went through some lighting references, and decided on the look that we were going for. Janne managed to get Jere Korppoo and Ville Tolvanen to work on the lights - I must say that they definitely are the two best upcoming lighting-designers in Finland, and it was great working with them! Jere had done a great job with the lighting of our previous project - Pete Parkkonen's music video, and it was great having him on set with us again.

Janne's brother Samu Amunét joined us on the day of the shoot and assisted me with the direction, and had a vital role during the editing/cutting process - it was great having him in our team as well. 

Working with two clients

Working with two clients simultaneously can sometimes be challenging, but this project went very well. Both clients had the same end goal in mind, and there was great synergy between both of them. My job as the producer and director was to talk the ideas and visions through with both of the clients, and find a working compromise that pleased both of them. When both of the clients are pleased with the ideas and references, like on this project, working with two clients is actually very pleasing. It's just very important to keep both sides informed about everything that is going on, and making sure that all we do, is ok with both of them.

Making of -video and photos

Making of: Jenni Vartiainen / Warner Music & Nelonen Media  - "Mustat Lesket / Suru on kunniavieras"